Tiggibox : 2-5 Years

"Isn't it too early for book reading?"

  • Researches suggest that you should start reading books to your toddler from the age of six months.
  • By the age of 18 months, kids start developing interest and understanding in stories and pictures.
  • Tiggibox books under this age group are specifically designed for kids who can't read yet. This box contains minimum 3 picture books and read-aloud books.

"How these books will help my baby?"

  • Numerous studies shows that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in all domains of formal education. 
  • One of the primary benefits of reading to toddlers and preschoolers is a higher aptitude for learning in general.  It helps enhancing child's language, imagination and creativity.  
  • Kids with print-rich environment, tend to spend less time on-screen (tv/mobile/tablet etc.) 

"But my baby can't read yet ...?"

  • Toddlers are not expected to read themselves. 
  • Parents/guardians have to read aloud these books to their little ones, at least 10-15 minutes everyday.
  •  Within few days babies themselves start spending time with books they are familiar with.

"How to choose right book for my child?"

  • A good children book for toddlers must have some characteristics like - more pictures, colorful pages, less text, simple and familiar concepts etc.
  • Tiggibox's experienced and expert team does the work for you by choosing perfect set of age appropriate books for your child every month. 
  • Each Tiggibox for age group 2-5 years, contains minimum 3 beautiful, educational and adventurous children books from best publishers, authors and illustrators in the country. 

"How Tiggibox works?"

  • Select subscription type - (a) 12 months (b) 6 months (c) 3 months (d) 1 month
  • Select your child's age.
  • Select language preference - (a) English-Hindi (both)  and (b) English only.
  • Checkout and make secure payment through CCAvenue.
  • According to your subscription type, you will receive 1 Tiggibox each month which includes minimum 3 books and free goodies for your child.
  • Subscription boxes will be delivered between 5th to 15th of each month.
  • Single Gift box will be delivered within 5-7 days after placing the order.

"What if I receive a book I already received in previous order?"

  • No book will get repeated for any unique customer.
  • For new orders and renewals, only fresh books will be delivered as we are tracking record of all the books delivered to a customer.
  • In case of any doubt or concern, you can call us on +91- 9928550440  or email us on info@tiggibox.com
  • Out of any odds, if any book gets repeated, your money for that book will be refunded. 

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